What are veneers?
Veneers are thin custom made shells crafted of tooth colored materials, designed to
cover the facial surface of front teeth to enhance aesthetics.
Why do I need veneers?
They are used to
  • Mask the discolored or stained teeth
  • Close spaces between the teeth
  • Repair fractured/ chipped teeth
  • Increase the length of teeth
  • Correct minor malalignment in teeth
They are used to embellish and rejuvenate your smile.
What are advantages of veneers?
Veneers give the tooth a very natural appearance and drastically improve the appearance with very little intervention. Because they are very thin and held in place by a strong bond, very little preparation (grinding) of the tooth is required.
What materials are used for veneers?
Two types of materials are used‐ composite and porcelain. The material is selected for particular case according to their indications.
Which one is better?
Both have their own advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages of composite are
  • Single sitting required
  • Less expensive
Disadvantages of composite veneers
  • They get stained, worn and can show marginal discolouration and may need to be replaced after 4‐5 years
  • Strength is less
Advantages of porcelain are
  • longer lasting than composite veneers
  • give lifelike appearance to the teeth
  • don't get discolor with time
Disadvantages are
  • it needs at least 3 visits with an intervening period of a week to 10 days (for preparation of veneers in the laboratory)
  • Higher cost
  What are veneers?
  Why do I need veneers?
  What are advantages of veneers?
  What materials are used for veneers?
  Which one is better?
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